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Whatever you're going through, you don't have to face it alone.

Q&A With Therapists 

Bolster your community support with expert moderated message boards. Post a question anonymously and our therapists are here to guide you. Solution-focused, our approach is designed to provide guidance to get you back on track.

Individual Sessions

Want more personalized guidance? Our counselors and therapists are trained to help you tap into solutions and strengths you have within, but have lost sight of or may be unaware of. Together, you will create a plan of action, so that you leave feeling more empowered, with tangible steps you can take right away to start feeling better, faster. Appointments 7 days/week over zoom. 

Gain Skills

Actionable tips, strategies, and evidence-based tools from Cognitive Behavior Therapy shared from therapists, providing you with skills you can start using right away, with support and accountability from peers.

Connect with Others

Gain experience, strength, and hope from people on the same path or who have been there in our text-based online community. Anonymously ask questions, get feedback, and feel less alone. Or, lend your listening “ear” to others in need.

Group Events

Our mental health skills courses deliver bite-sized, fun lessons and activities that you can work through at your convenience. You'll learn practical skills that you can use right away to begin to transform your life, and each one takes less than 10 minutes! Choose events you can do alone at your own pace, or with a group and a counselor.

Gain Experience

Use your compassion, your experiences, your past as a super power to support others who are currently struggling with something you have overcome. The best way to help yourself is through being of service to others.

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